Healthcare is a crisis in our country. We invite you to join us, as we fight to improve the health of our nation, by adding your voice to the growing chorus for change.

The 2012 film Escape Fire exposes the perverse nature of American healthcare. The film contrasts the powerful forces opposing change with compelling stories of pioneering leaders and the patients they seek to help. An “Escape Fire” is an unconventional solution to a difficult problem. Often firefighters intentionally burn grass around a safe zone to prevent fuel for the fire to infiltrate another area causing further damage. We need to start the escape fire to find the way out, fix a broken healthcare system, and collectively save the health of our nation.

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Consider this analogy when you consider your health care options: Your body isn’t a car, and your broken parts shouldn’t be repaired one by one. Fragmented care and specialists may treat problems separately, one by one, but your primary care doctor should strive to be patient-centered, provide a holistic approach, and consider how all parts work together to work best.

Twelve Mile Creek Family Medicine Physicians Engage with Each Patient to:

  • Grasp the Patient’s Medical History
  • Understand the Current Symptoms and Concerns
  • Discuss the Best Overall Recovery Plan 
  • Give Patients Peace of Mind and Body